The Top 8 Reasons Why You Need To Organize Your Makeup Now!

The Top 8 Reasons Why You Need To Organize Your Makeup Now!

N2 Makeup Co. | 8 Reasons Why You Need To Organize Your Makeup Now!

Does it ever seem like you make trips to Sephora and MAC more then you really should?  

But yet you seem to have an endless supply of makeup at home that is not so neatly tucked away in every drawer and you can never find what you need? 

In this case study we're going to show you the benefits of organizing your makeup that you had no idea of!

  1. Make more use of what you have:  One of the most important benefits of organizing your makeup is simply because you will use more of what you already have since all your products will be separated by brands, colours or even by what you use most (if you're a neat freak like me).
  2. Saves you money:  When you use more of what you have this will definitely mean less trips to your favourite cosmetics store. Admit it - being a makeup addict is definitely an expensive habit.  Too many times we buy certain products that we already have , only to find it somehwere in the back of your drawer or shoebox!
  3. Have everything when you need it:  If you're a makeup artist who gets paid to do what you love, you need a certain professionalism when it comes to your work.  That means having all your tools and products right when you need it. You don't have time to go find a needle in a haystack in front of your clients.
  4. Saves time:  If clients pay you, not only do they expect a great job - it has to be done in a timely manner as well. Whether it be a wedding or a photoshoot, these type of events have time schedules and if one person is late it could delay the whole event for everyone involved.  Make sure you are not the one holding everyone up!
  5. Better quality:  Do you ever wonder how some people have the most perfect contouring and makeup day after day?  Sometimes this comes down to a persons knowledge in skill however there's a little known factor that plays into this as well which is people who organize their makeup that benefit from the 4 reasons above tend to do better makeup then others.  Think about it, they have everything when they need it which alleviates frustration and they have more time to practice on themselves everyday!
  6. More space:  Most people have very limited space when it comes to storing their cosmetics.  When you organize your makeup, you would be surprised at how much more room you have to work with.  
    Pro Tip: A makeup organizer like this one that takes up little surface space but is built with more height is the ultimate space saver for those who don't have a lot of counter space!
  7. Clutter free:  Having a clutter free makeup vanity is what dreams are made of!  If you're like me you love spending your free time testing your products which is sort of a "happy place" for me.  Once you're clutter free you will love yourself for keeping it that way, no more frustration looking for things, just you and your makeup.... sounds fun doesn't it?
  8. All eyes on you:  Be the envy of all your friends who will obsess over how beautiful your vanity looks when they come over.  There's nothing better then having someone compliment the work you put towards it, hopefully this allows your friends to copy you and do the same for their vanities!

I hope you found our case study as helpful as it has been for many of our subscribers.  

Organizing your makeup can be a daunting task but we are sure you will love it once you're done.  See our collections to get started!




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