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N2 Makeup Co Edmonton Alberta Makeup and Beauty Services

What started as a pastime, turned into a passion and so much more.

N2 Makeup Co. strives for the occasion. The occasion where you step into a space where everyone turns their head and sigh beneath their breath. The occasion where you cross the stage after years of studying and runny makeup. The occasion where you're walking down the isle about to make the best decision of your life. Whatever your occasion may be, we want to be apart of it.

Everything from graduation makeup to large upscale wedding parties or even just a night out, we want in. With over ten years of experience in the beauty industry, we've been able to work alongside with the likes of RedKen and Matrix on a national scale. 

We are committed to makeup and we love what we do. Get in touch with us and book your trial today.

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Going Beyond the Palette 

The N2 Cube makeup organizer wasn't an accident. As makeup artists that overstock on absolutely everything (for no good reason), it was a natural progression that the N2 Cube was born.

Many makeup artists are challenged with keeping an organized vanity and often it's difficult to find something aesthetically pleasing while complimenting the space. We fixed that.

Our N2 Cube makeup organizers were designed to be functional and beautiful. Made with clear high-grade acrylic with crystal knobs and an open top design, the N2 Cube will keep your vanity stylishly organized. 

Head over to our shop and see our line of N2 Cubes and accessories. Designed in Canada for makeup artists and beauticians all over the world.



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