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H-Dividers for N2 Cubes - Canada - N2 Makeup Co - Acrylic Makeup Organizers

H-Dividers for N2 Cubes - Canada

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So you have decided to go with one of our N2 Cubes? Great! Now take organizing your clutter to the next level with our signature big H-Divider. They are a must have and you will be glad you have added them to your N2 Cube!

Designed in Canada by N2 Makeup Artistry for beauticians and makeup addicts across the globe. 


  • You can choose the quantity of H-Dividers you need, 1 divider fits in each smaller drawer along with the top open lid compartment
  • The H-Divider will fit in the bigger bottom drawer of each N2 cube and you only need 1

Dimensions in cm:  

Exclusively designed to fit perfectly in the smaller drawers in our N2 Cubes

Why buy from us?

  • We offer a premium product that has been tested by many professional beauticians around the world 
  • Our #1 concern is the satisfaction of each person who uses our products and to provide a solution to your makeup needs

Note from the creator: My makeup organizers are used by many professional beauticians around the world but not only them, many makeup addicts and people who want to be organized use my organizers as well. The makeup quality you do for others and yourself will show when you have your tools exactly where you need at any given time.

Wait no longer to organize your clutter and purchase your N2 Makeup Organizer today!