LED Video Light Panel

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You Can Finally Get Awe-Inspiring Video Lighting for Your YouTube Vlogging Setup in Just Seconds!
Ever watch your favorite YouTube Vlogger wondering how they have such professional and flattering lighting? You now have your answer & it’s stupid-simple. Our LED Light Panel delivers awe-inspiring video lighting for vlogging, giving you absolute control on how you look. Shape the light with the barn doors, soften it with the diffuser or adjust the temperature with bicolor controls and output to best suit you.

Access to Powerful Portable Continuous LED Lighting Has Never Been Easier!
Tired of being limited by natural lighting and having to rent expensive equipment just to keep the shoot rolling? The weather is unpredictable but your lighting situation shouldn’t be. Our LED Light Panel is a life-changing on-the-spot solution, providing powerful portable LED lights packed into a super mobile kit with dual long-lasting rechargeable batteries ready to go when you need it the most.

The Most Versatile, Durable and Powerful Portable LED Lighting by Photo Doctor!
How much time have you wasted taking test shots and using expensive gadgets like light meters just to GUESS the ideal light settings for your shoot? That’s a thing of the past, the Photo Doctor LED Light Panel 600AS provides up to 10,000 hours of powerful continuous video lighting that shows you exactly what your photos and videos will look like in real time. Spend less time setting up the shot and just shoot!

Your Purchase is Protected By Our 2 Year Limited Warranty!
Are you ready to light like a pro? Try the Photo Doctor LED Light Panel 600AS RISK-FREE today!

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